via Premonition

Echos of each step
A shadow playing on the wall
I hear something familiar
a voice from the womb
a touch from my own hand

He stands not far from me
Right on the edge of the platform
Tugging at a leather strap hanging from his bag
Just a stranger with a quirky smile
Yet so familiar

Only two of us waiting
his breathing matching my own

As the subway grows loud
Rumbling and squealing
As the metro thrushes a knife into the quiet space
Cold and unyielding our silence forever lost.
I follow him into the car, our hands touch as we both grasp the rail near the door.

“Do I know you?” You ask me.
“You look familiar to me too.” I respond.

The doors slam shut but in the distance I hear the sound of a key unlocking a bolt.
I feel my head rushing a thousand doors flying open as I gaze into his eyes.

All so very familiar.

To become the same quirky smile in my son’s face.


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